About us

Kiran Soni

Our founder Kiran soni is a makeup artist with years of experience in the industry. In these years of working and interacting with many faces she decided to create her own line of makeup products that cater to diverse needs and preferences of individuals. Kiran Soni’s makeup line aims to address common challenges Indian people face and provide innovative solutions to enhance their makeup experience. One of the key aspects of Kiran soni to create this line to provide people high quality product. She ensures that her products are formulated with premium ingredients that are safe for skin and cruelty free. Kiran Soni also believes in education and empowerment. Alongside her makeup line, she offers makeup tutorials and guides to help individual learn makeup techniques easily. She want to empower people to feel confident and capable in expressing themselves through makeup, regardless of their skill level. Overall , Kiran Soni aims to revolutionize the way people approach and experience makeup. By addressing common problems, using high quality ingredients, and offering educational resources, she aspires to create a makeup brand that caters to the unique needs of individuals while fostering self expression , energy and confidence.


The Makeup Bar brings a touch of luxury to your beauty routine with its premium textures, authentic shades, and effortless application. Our goal is to inspire confidence in women and men everywhere by celebrating their individuality and empowering them to embrace their unique beauty. Perfect for busy individuals and professional makeup artists alike, our products solve all your makeup dilemmas. With contemporary and innovative designs.

The Makeup Bar offers international-quality products at an affordable price point, making it easy to look and feel your best, no matter where life takes you. Whether you're on-the-go or need products that work well in the Indian climate, The Makeup Bar has got you covered. 

Celebrate yourself and your unique vibe with The Makeup Bar.