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Makeup Saviours - Eye Combo

Makeup Saviours - Eye Combo

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MAKEUP SAVIOURS is a complete essential brush set made with premium quality fibers. The compact size of these brushes makes them travel-friendly, while their attractive design makes them the perfect gift choice.

Makeup Saviours Cruelty-free, Made in India, Vegan, and Premium Quality.


Eye Combo Set featuring the Eyeshadow Brush and Fine Lines Brush.
With a dual-ended design, you'll enjoy four brush styles in just two brushes. Achieve stunning eye makeup that looks effortlessly!


Flat Fluffy Side: 

Deposit Shadows Seamlessly with a Flat Side.
Achieve Crease Blending Artistry with Dome Fluffy Side.
Ideal for Matte and Shimmer Shadows.
Soft Bristles for Gentle Application.

Pencil Side:

Pointed Side for Smudging Eyeshadows.
Perfect for Matte and Shimmer Shades.
Feather-Light Bristles for Delicate Touch.
Achieve Precise Upper Lash Line, Lower Lashline, Inner Corner EyeShadow Application, and Smoky Eyeliner Effects.


Angled Side: 

Master Eyeshadow Strokes with Precision.
Ideal Slant for Vibrant Color Strokes.
Perfect Brow Filling.
Craft Smoky Eyeliners Effortlessly.

Thin Angled Liner Side:

Control in Every Stroke.
Fine Tip Enables Delicate Eyeliner and Detailed Lines.
Angled Design for Seamless Upper Lash Line Definition.
Effortlessly Create Graphic and Colored Eyeliner Looks.

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS Made with premium quality synthetic fibers our Makeup Saviours brush bristles are soft as natural hair, absorb less foundation or powder into the brush itself, and distribute product effectively. Applies and blends like a dream! You will love how soft the bristles are, and cleaning is a breeze.

NO SHEDDING - Our Makeup Saviours brush bristles are carefully crafted to stay in place, preventing any shedding during use. You can expect a flawless application every time, making our brushes a reliable and long-lasting addition to your beauty routine.

COMPACT IN SIZE - The brushes are mini and have perfect height and diameter to achieve a precise and seamless finish of makeup products. the compact size makes it On The Go COMPLETE SET OF ESSENTIAL MAKEUP BRUSHES For makeup lovers from professionals to beginners, everyone will get from full glam look to a minimal look just with this kit. These brush sets are carved to create full makeup look without needing any other brush

MULTI-TASKER Makeup Saviours are designed to do multitasking eg. Precision brush's one side to create pinpoint concealer, lip definer, lip filler, and cut crease applicator, and another side to gives seamless under-eye concealing, product application in hard-to-reach areas, and many more

UNIQUE GIFT IDEALooking for a unique gift idea for the makeup lovers in your life? Consider gifting them our Makeup Saviours brush kit! This brush kit is not only high in performance but also with attractive colors and designs that are sure to impress. The textured pouch adds an extra touch of elegance, making it an extraordinary present.

TRAVEL FRIENDLY Makeup Saviours are compactly sized so they are easy to pack and take up less space in your luggage, while attractive designs make them a pleasure to use. Makeup Saviours brush kit’s Multi-tasking feature, makes it reduces clutter and simplifies your routine.

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